The Simple ‘Win’ Bet

Old lady makes a bet

If you’ve never placed a bet before, it can feel like a daunting prospect so here is a very handy guide to making a straight forward bet in a high street bookmakers or online.

We start our guide with the simplest bet to understand, the win bet. This is when you back a horse to come first in the Grand National.

Lets say you bet £10 that Hedgehunter wins the Grand National at odds of 33/1.

Should Hedgehunter come first you will get back £330 from the bookmakers plus your original £10 stake.

Should your horse, Hedgehunter, fall, finish second, third or anywhere else but first place, then you will lose your £10 stake.

How To Place A Win Bet Online

These days it’s as easy to hop online and place a bet as it is to go to a high street bookmaker.

The first thing you need to do is open an online betting account. Once you have chosen your preferred bookmaker, simply click ‘register’ on their website and fill in the form.

This will include details such as name, address, email, phone number etc…

You will also need to add your debit card details so you can add money to your new online betting account.

Once your account has been verified then you are free to place your win bet. Simply go to the ‘Horse Racing’ section, click on ‘Grand National’ and all of the runners with their odds will be on one page.

Find the horse you would like to back, click on the odds box and the betting slip will open on the page.

Simply insert how much you want to bet and click confirm.

And your bet is on!

How To Write A Betting Slip

Placing The Bet

Step 1: Pick Up A Slip
The simplest and easiest type of betting within a shop is on a plain betting slip.

On the slip you will find spaces for writing in your stake, your selection, and the time and place of the event you are betting on.

Step 2: Look At The Screens
The vast majority of the day’s events and odds will be up on the betting shop’s screens. All the details you need to fill in your betting slip will be on those screens.

The slip will now be ready to take over to the betting counter, where your bet’s details will be processed, and a confirmation receipt issued.

Step 3: Ask For Your Price
If you wish to take the odds, or ‘price’, shown on the screens, make sure to ask for it at the betting counter.

They will write the current price down on your slip. If you do not do this, your bet will be placed with the final price offered for the bet, which often shortens as your chosen event draws nearer.

The rule of thumb is to always take the current price, as most odds do shorten.