Picking a National Horse By Name

For many, the Grand National is all about a once-a-year flutter and is considered the people’s race simply because you dont have to be a hardened punter to get value for your money or to be lucky enough to pick the winner.

One method is to pick a horse based solely on it’s name. It may not be the most scientific of methods but it is popular and in the past those who opted to go with a name similar to a family member or pet have been repaid handsomely e.g. Monty’s Pass (2003) Bobbyjo (1999), Ben Nevis (1980), Nicolaus Silver (1961), Shelia’s Cottage (1948) and Jack Horner (1926). Not to mention those horses that placed well in recent times: Oscar Time (2nd 2011) King John’s Castle (2nd 2008) and Niki Dee (3rd 2000).

So what horses running in the 2013 Grand National have some sort of family name?

  • Weird Al
  • Roberto Goldback
  • Bob Lingo
  • Forpadydeplasterer
  • Oscar Time
  • Swing Bill
  • Harry The Viking
  • Rare Bob
  • So plenty of names to go at this year, including a few with a real chance of landing in the prize money. Rare Bob has a good shot and so does Robero Goldback.

    Another idea is to pick one based on your job! Forpadytheplaster is the obvious one for plasterers but how about Teaforthree too – that covers most builders! Seabass is a good fit for any fishmonger and Colbert Station will appeal to railway workers. Swing Bill could be cheered on by policemen and women and even the clergy could be betting a few bob on Saint Are!

    If you’re normally a bigger fan of football than racing you might be looking for a connection between a horse and your team. Manchester United fans will look no further than the Alex ferguson owned ‘Harry The Viking’ and ‘What a friend’ and Manchester City fans might consider ‘Always Waining’ or ‘Lost Glory’? Both sets of fans will have reason to back ‘Nineteth Minute’. Referees could do worse than stick a fiver each way on Becauseicouldntsee!

    And after all that, if nothing on the list grabs you then why not let our virtual Red Rum pick a horse for you!

    For the full list of Grand National Runners, just check out our aptly named runners page!