Grand National 1850 – 1859

1850 and 1851 saw the first back to back win of the Grand National (although The Duke had won the first two nationals these aren’t included in the statistics.) The horse, Abd El Kader, was ridden in 1850 by Chris Green and in 1851 by T. Abbott, he was owned and trained by Joseph Osborne.

It was during this period that the oldest horse to ever win the race, Peter Simple, who was trained and ridden by Tom Oliver, recorded his historic win. Another interesting fact from this period, Tom Oliver holds the record for the most rides in the Grand National, a total of 19 between 1839 and 1859.

The 1850 race also saw a record number of entries at that time with 32 horses lining up for the start.

During this decade Walter White started his unfortunate sequence of 13 attempts at the National without a win, it was also the decade in which Miss Mowbray became one of 13 mares to win the National, she also set a new course record at the time of 9 minutes and 58.5 seconds.

The 1857 race was mired in controversy, the winner Emigrant was ridden by Charlie Boyce, he had one arm strapped to his side after a riding accident, he then further compounded things by trying to avoid the worst parts of the course. He ran along the canal towpath which resulted in him missing several fences, since then both ends of the fences have flags on, to ensure the jockeys stay on the course and run the correct circuit.

The 1859 race ensured jockey Chris Green became one of the few jockeys to win the race twice or more, having won on Abd El Kader in 1850.


1850 | Abd-El-Kader | | Chris Green | Joseph Osborne
1851 | Abd-El-Kader | | T. Abbott | Joseph Osborne
1852 | Miss Mowbray | | Mr Alec Goodman | George Dockeray
1853 | Peter Simple | 9/1 | Tom Oliver
1854 | Bourton | 4/1 F | John Tasker | Henry Wadlow
1855 | Wanderer | 25/1 | John Hanlon
1856 | Freetrader | 25/1 | George Stevens | William Holman
1857 | Emigrant | 10/1 | Charlie Boyce | Charlie Boyce
1858 | Little Charley | 100/6 | William Archer | William Holman
1859 | Half Caste | 7/1 Jockey Chris Green | Chris Green