First Time At The National? Follow These Tips

There are some events that you should experience once in your life, and the Grand National is more definitely one of them.

Taking place each year in early April, this is more than just a world-famous horse racing meet; it’s one of the grandest social occasions that the UK has to offer.

In this blog, we’ll run through some handy tips that’ll ensure that you get the most from your trip to see “The Greatest Steeplechase in the World.”

Do Your Research

The Grand National will be a spectacle, whether it’s your first live horse racing event or your hundredth.

However, though it’s OK to just take in the sight of the galloping horses, you’ll find that it’s more enjoyable if you have a sense of which horses to follow.

Before you head to Aintree Racecourse, read up on horse racing tips from the experts; they’ll help you enjoy the fun on a deeper level.

Organise Everything Early

More than 150,000 people attend the three-day Grand National. With such a large capacity, you should have no trouble securing tickets, so long as you don’t leave it until the last minute.

However, despite that, you’ll want to arrange everything as early as possible. This is arguably Liverpool’s biggest social event of the year, which means that trains, flights, and hotels get booked up pretty quickly.

The top priority will be your accommodation. It’s much better to stay in the centre of the city, so as soon as you know you’re going, take a look at hotel or Airbnb listings.

You’ll be much more relaxed knowing that everything has been organised. 

Before and After The Races

The races will be the highlight of your trip. But it won’t be the only source of fun while you’re in Liverpool.

To get the most from your trip, be sure to spend a day on either side of the main event in Liverpool. On the morning of the races, you can enjoy a big breakfast to start the day right.

Once the races are over, make your way into the city centre of Liverpool. The atmosphere and energy are comparable with New Year’s Eve, with thousands of people venturing into the city’s restaurants, pubs, and clubs for a night of fun.

It’s best to make a restaurant reservation well in advance of your trip; you might struggle to get a table otherwise! Last thing you want is to be eating at a fast food place.