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Irish Trained

Irish Trained Winners of The National – A Legacy of Success

In recent years Irish trained runners have had incredible success at the Grand National but its links go much deeper than that.

Why Do Horses Wear Blinkers? Does It Help Them Win?

If you’ve ever watched a horse race and wondered why some of the horses are wearing blinkers, then wonder no more. Horses wear blinkers, also known as blinders, when they race to help them maintain focus and prevent distractions. The…
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Bob Champion & Aldaniti – The Famous 1981 Grand National Winners

A Grand National legend, Bob Champion battled not only the Aintree course, but cancer, to go on and win the race with Aldaniti in 1981.

Grand National Racing Silks – Will You Pick Your Favourite?

The racing colours (or ‘silks’) worn by jockeys in the Grand National represent the owners of the horse. They do not, as some people believe identify the jockey or horse itself. Nevertheless, taking a mental note of the silks worn by…

Broadcasting History Of The Grand National

The Grand National has been a fixture of British culture for nearly 200 years. The first race was run in 1836, and every year it has gotten better and better. The 2023 Grand National will be just as exciting as we wait to see if Noble Yeats…
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Vincent O’Brien – Grand National Winning Trainer

Vincent O'Brien is a legend in the sport and is also the only trainer to saddle three consecutive winners of the Grand National at Aintree.

Philip Hobbs

Philip Hobbs, born in 1955, is the son of Tony Hobbs who had a permit to train for many years, breeding several good horses to run in the family colours. Unlike many trainers who went into the industry at a very young age, Hobbs opted to…
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Ginger McCain

Donald McCain, more frequently referred to as ‘Ginger’ is a name that goes hand in hand with the Grand National. Ginger was the trainer of the legendary Red Rum, the most famous and greatest horse to have ever lived. Red Rum won the Grand…

Five Key Facts Of Grand National 2018

An estimated 600 million people around the globe will tune in to watch the Grand National unfold in epic fashion on Saturday afternoon. This remarkable race has captured the imagination of people with zero interest in the sport for 364 days…