Booby Speaks out for John McCririck

John McCririck’s loyal wife, who many say must be one of the most patient women ever, has spoken out about the horse racing pundit John McCririck who, if you follow the news, will know has been locked in a court battle with Channel 4 over his earlier dismissal.

It’s safe to say he didn’t take it too well and is currently in the middle of suing the channel for what he feels is ageism. After making his case it was then of course the turn of the executives of Channel 4 who stated that they felt that John McCririck was shown to be sexist and discriminatory amongst women and they felt his attitude was disgusting.

His wife Jenny, who he has saw fit to nickname Booby because he allegedly thinks “She is stupid, easy for him to catch and squawks at him a lot” refutes these claims in the Daily Mail stating:

“Oh, all that sexism stuff is absolutely stupid. People ask how I could be married to him, but John’s not like that in real life. It’s a façade. He’s actually very generous, kind and extremely hard-working. Ask any of his friends, they’ll tell you.”

Her loyalty to the man that has been under fire by the media on numerous occasions is undeniable so there must be something in it? Why else would she be married to him for so many years?

Both John and Jenny have claimed that he was encouraged to act that way even on the celebrity reality TV shows such as Wife Swap and Big Brother to portray him as some kind of pantomime villain. She also commented that other Channel 4 shows such as Come Dine with Me and Million Pound Drop had approached him so they must have thought he was good for ratings.

Anyone who watches Channel 4 horse racing will be familiar with the eccentricity of the man and love him or hate him the fact that he is good TV. Jenny went on to say how much John loved his job:

“People might say it was just a job, but to us, it was our whole lives. We worked so hard together. I used to get up at 4am to get the papers from King’s Cross so John could do a paper review. We built our life around it and Channel 4 has destroyed that life.”

John now takes part in a monthly chat show on At The Races and has been taking part in some other celebrity TV shows such as Celebrity Wedding Planner.

It seems the characteristics that made him so watchable in the first place are now his downfall. There hasn’t yet been an outcome for the case yet – so let’s see how this one pans out!