AP Fast Approaching 4,000 Winners

Is there another jockey in history who can compare to the legendary A.P. McCoy? With nearly 4,000 winners in the bag over his illustrious career it’s doubtful but it’s still at least 140 winners away and as we all know, anything can happen in horse racing.

McCoy recently spoke to the Mail Online and when asked about this particular milestone he said “It is my ambition more than anything. Hopefully, if I have a bit of luck, stay healthy and keep working hard it might happen – but it is a bit off yet.”

38-year-old McCoy has notched up 3,860 winners so far and with the Cheltenham Festival well and truly underway that tally is sure to grow over the week by the man who has been Champion Jump Jockey for 17 consecutive seasons.


It has just been a little over four years since he became the first jump jockey to ride 3,000 winners and with no signs of stopping anytime soon we could soon see him surpass the 4,000 winners mark and aim for the 5,000 winners.

Speaking about his personal best moment he said “I still think my greatest achievement was beating Sir Gordon Richards’ record of 269 wins in a season (in 2002) because of who he was – the most successful jockey ever.

“But there is always someone who might be better, someone who is going to be more successful. That’s just life.”

And though A.P. can count himself blessed or lucky or simply a man who has been fully prepared to meet every opportunity that came his way by sheer determination, one thing that is certain is that to become Champion Jockey at Cheltenham this year he will need everything in his arsenal to get it having missed out every year since 1998.

And of course if he can bag another Grand National along the way then that 4,000 winner goal will look all the more certain with each passing day.

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