Career Change For McCoy!

A.P. McCoy must be able to work every hour of the day if the latest revelation about the 17 times Champion jockey is to be believed! Not content to have ridden in nearly 4,000 races in the last five years as well as writing his own auto biography, it now seems that he’s turning his hand to Crime writing!

He might be chasing his 18th consecutive jump jockey title but it appears that that’s not enough of a challenge so the newest plan is to produce a crime thriller in November with publishers Orion.

With such a relentless work schedule, it’s hard to fathom where he will even find the time to write it but a spokeswoman for the publishers said: ‘AP will be getting advice but will be writing the book himself.’

Jon Wood, Deputy Publisher of Orion Books, said: ‘I’m so excited that A.P. McCoy has decided to turn his hand to fiction.

‘With his unrivalled knowledge of the racing world and what it is like to be champion jockey, few are as well placed to create a brilliant new character in this genre.

‘I’m sure these novels will have massive success with his army of loyal fans.’

McCoy said: ‘Having published my autobiography a couple of years ago, this time I will be writing a thriller, which is something very different, but I’m up for the challenge and looking forward to getting started!’

Maybe he could find the time to squeeze in another victory in the 2013 Grand National???

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