Ruby Picks Himself Over Katie For 2013 Grand National

All’s fair in love and horse racing and though blood may be thicker than water it is isn’t thicker than a 2013 Grand National win.

I recently tweeted Ruby asking him “If you had to choose – you for a 3rd Grand National or Katie for her 1st – which one would you pick?”

Thinking of course that he would prefer to see his own sister make Grand National history given that he already has two wins himself, I was a teeny bit surprised to get his response which was very simple: “I’m selfish!”

A funny quip of a response but one that leaves nothing to the imagination. So quickly and openly admitting that if the 2013 Grand National came down to a win for either himself or his sister Katie that he would pick himself for the win, just solidifies the fact that when you are a professional sportsman every win counts.

So if Katie Walsh does ever beat her brother to a Grand National win then it’s nice to know it’s because she earned it!

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