Ruby Walsh Pranks Davy Russell

Horse racing is serious enough at the best of times, especially if you’ve seen the recent injuries that AP McCoy has suffered when getting a kick in the face, so it’s great to see the lads having a laugh and pranking each other.

That’s exactly what happened when Ruby Walsh decided to have a little fun at Davy Russell‘s expense – when he was on Live TV.

The clip comes from racing documentary being made by Irish TV station TG4 and if this is anything to go by, it’s going to be very entertaining!

The video shows Davy Russell, starkers, doing an interview on the phone with Sky Sports while in the sauna, which is just a teeny bit odd anyway and as it’s being recorded, Ruby Walsh can’t help but throw cold water at the jockey, forcing Russell to swear live on TV.

A very funny insiders look at the world of horse racing and the jockeys that make it so special.

The documentary is called ‘Jump Boys’ and looks at racehorsing in Ireland and some of the better known jockeys and will broadcast on TG4 on Wednesday the 28th November at 9.30pm.

Let’s hope they’re in such good form with the 2013 Grand National rolls around and for more fun jockey videos check out our YouTube channel!