Bay Preps Traditionally

Trainers have all sorts of ways of prepping their horses for the Grand National. Some like their horses tobe very fresh and don’t run them for months beforehand. Others like to shake the cobwebs off and run them frequently. Some trainers opt to create home made Aintree style fences to give their horses some practise and others think that that’s all a load of nonsense!

[Racecard Calgary Bay]

Trainer Henrietta Knight, who hopes to saddle Calgary Bay on April 14th has stuck to tried and tested measures when it comes to getting Calgary bay ready for the big day. She feels it is unnecessary to give National hopefuls a pop over the home-made fences as part of their training for the big race.

Her husband, Terry Biddlecombe, rode for Fred Rimell, who saddled four winners of the great race, while three-time victor Tim Forster was a neighbour of hers and both stuck to conventional training methods for their horses.

Calgary Bay is in great shape and definitely going for the National,” said Knight to The Herald. “I don’t believe in that, in putting them over home-made National-style fences.

“Tim Forster was my neighbour. He trained three Grand National winners and never had any of his horses jump one of those in his life. And Terry said Fred Rimell was the same. If they jump them, they jump them. He jumped them all right last year until he jumped too well and landed on his nose.”

She said: “He loves good ground. I know it’s dry and some people are worried about it but it will suit him.

“I don’t think they are going to get much rain at Aintree, but he’ll love it.”