Aintree Taking Heat Precautions

With the recent unseasonably sunny weather, most of us would have relished the prospect of standing under a water misting machine to cool down and that’s exactly what the clerk of the course, Andrew Tulloch, is planning for the horses at the Aintree Grand National meeting in a couple of weeks time.

In a bid to counteract the problems associated with horses overheating, Aintree are taking precautions and have created a new wash-down area at the point where runners are pulled up. They have also borrowed a ‘misting’ machine, which will be used to cool equestrian horses down at the London Olympics.

Tulloch told the Daily Telegraph: “Irregular racegoers may not actually see that which is pre-race, but we’ve also done a lot of physical work on the track.

“The wash-down area on an enlarged sound surface is similar to Haydock’s, but much bigger.

“A misting machine to cool down horses has been used in eventing since the Atlanta Olympics, when standing your horse in one was a compulsory part of the old roads and tracks section of a three-day event.

“It is basically large fans blowing mists of cold water at horses if it’s very hot.”

No doubt with all of this preparation it will probably rain on the day!