Ruby Finally Tweets

It may have taken a lot longer than some, but Ruby Walsh has finally, albeit reluctantly, decided to start Tweeting! In one of his first texts, after many congratulations on finally dragging himself into 2012 he tweeted “Afraid credit goes to racing uk for getting me on here!!” so clearly it took a bit of persuasion!

In fact, it was so unusual for the normally reluctant Walsh to tweet anything that many thought it was a ghost tweeter, and yes they do actually exist! Walsh’s response was “@Racing_UK pity your not doing it for me, just finished riding out, long morning but horses all seem well”.

Ruby has been gathering followers at a fantastic rate and currently has 11,000 of them and with daily updates, witty banter, comments on his races and updates on his other interests, they’re sure not to be disappointed.

Ruby’s twitter name is @Ruby_Walsh and his latest tweets are below.

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