Tweet Your Bets

The big social network story of last year was Twitter, it’s success is even threatening the dominance of Facebook. In 2011 toppled governments, broke super injunctions, and got us closer to the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

However, Twitter isn’t just for celebrity tittle-tattle. Many businesses are using the platform to engage with their customers like never before.

The latest company to embrace Twitter trend is Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker has included the ability to tweet any bets you make with the company online. When placing a bet you can choose to share that information via Twitter or Facebook. It is debatable whether this feature is good or bad. You’re winning bets will be shared with your friends online, giving you the chance to gloat about your superior sporting knowledge. However, this could also backfire if your bets lose!

Of course this functionality is a little bit of added fun, even Paddy Power acknowledges that they’re in “no way responsible if you’re gloating blows up in your face a later point” on a serious note you might not want to share the details of your bets with your friends or family.

From a marketing perspective it’s a great tool for Paddy Power to promote its online services. We really like the feature and will be tweeting our Grand National bets in April.

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