Red Rum Illuminates Blackpool

Most of us are familiar with the Blackpool Illuminations, in fact they’re more popular today then ever with over 3.5million fans expected to turn up in 2011 to witness the light spectacular whilst generating over £275m for the area – that’s some amount of fish & chips!

Through the years huge celebrities have been present to turn on the lights including George Formby in 1953, Jayne Mansfield in 1959, Matt Busby in 1968 and surprisingly Red Rum in 1977! Yes, the legend himself had a specially adapted pedal created for him so that when he stood on it the lights switched on in Blackpool.

By 1977 Red Rum had, after five Grand Nationals, become a national celebrity and his face graced everything including playing cards, mugs, posters, models, paintings, plates, and jigsaw puzzles.

Not only did he switch the lights on but he also helped open the Steeplechase roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach! You see, not just a pretty face!