Betting on the Grand National in Great Britain is incredibly popular, even as popular as playing a roulette game online, which is a recognised classic and loved by many generations of players.

In 2022, the world-famous horse race looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

The Grand National Festival and Its History

The English city of Liverpool is known throughout the world for its eponymous soccer clubs, as well as the legendary Beatles. The city is also a cultural influence in England, full of iconic places.

One of these iconic places is Aintree Racecourse, where every year the Grand National Festival takes place.

It really is one of the biggest events in England and for this reason, at least 150,000 people attend the three-day festival. The packed schedule of races are watched by tens of millions of people around the world.

The origins of the festival can be traced as far back as 1839. Every year the best jockeys and racehorses competed until it became a staple of the National Hunt season.

Only the strongest and fastest horses were allowed to compete, making it an incredible spectacle for fans. However, the popularity of this festival is not only due to the horse racing but also in the indescribable atmosphere on Grand National days.

The festival always attracts the attention of the stars of sport and show business. So it is not surprising to see famous footballers and media personalities grace the racecourse.Even members of the Royal Family have been known to cheer on their favourites.

The Specifics Of A Grand National

The maximum number of horses allowed to race in the Grand National is 40. The competition is high, often starting with over 100 entries and these get whittled down over a number of declaration stages.

Even if a horse makes the cut and gets a place at the starting tape, they must still overcome 4 miles of notoriously difficult obstacles.

Many of the fences at the course has their own name, obtained over the years in recognition of significant events. There are 16 individual fences on the course, 14 of which must be jumped twice.

While the standard fence height at other racetracks is around 137cm, at Aintree it can be up to 157cm, adding to the difficulty of the race.

In the early days of the race, there were recorded cases when only two horses made it to the finish line. The other challengers had fallen, pulled up or simply gone off the course.

If you are one of the lucky ones that manages to win a Grand National, in addition to the prestige, connections receive a hefty chunk of the £1 million prize money. It is one of the highest prize pots in National Hunt racing.

Best Strategies for Betting

    • Ducking. This strategy involves betting on two or even three horses in the same race. Given that there are 40 runners in the Grand National, with bookmakers paying out up to six places, this is not a bad strategy.
    • Another betting strategy is to bet against the race favourite in-running. With events like the National, you can still place bets during the race. The odds do change quickly as various horses leave the race or move up in the places.The essence of the strategy is to bet against those horses that started the race with the lead. Since the distance at Aintree Racecourse is very long, favourites very often run out of steam with many pulling up before the finish.
    • Follow the money. This strategy involves following the odds on the horses before the race begins. The bottom line is that if you see the odds start to drop rapidly on the underdog, it could be a sign that some bettor is loading big money on it.

This is more difficult for the Grand National as over £250m worth of bets are placed on the race. The money is well spread over all 40 runners so the odds are rarely moved by bets alone.

Choosing A Horse To Back

It is worth doing a bit of research into the horses you potentially want to back. You need to pay attention to the age of the horse. While horses aged 7 years can enter, they very rarely win.

Look at horses that are 9-11 years old. Statistics show that horses in this age group do better on average.

The National is unusual in that the odds really don’t matter too much. Ther are favourites and often they do well and place but few of them actually win the race. It’s as likely for a favourite to win as it is a 100/1 outsider – such is the nature of the race.