Horse Racing Has Capped The Use Of Whips

Racing within the region of Australia is about to get much stricter. Racing Victoria has just, in fact, declared that jockeys must now in fact limit the amount of times they can use the whips on a horse as they race.

The maximum amount of times they can use the whip is now at a total of 8 times and any jockey that abuses the system will be issued a fine and penalty immediately. This cap will of course need to take time to be administered into official game procedures, yet it is expected to go into action as soon as January 2021.

Racing Victoria have commented on the matter, saying that ‘they need to be working towards the necessary to ensure both rider and horses are safe and free from any subjecting harm’.

These issues have very much been a great deal within the animal rights industry and now is definitely a step forward in the right direction for all parties involved.

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Whip Reform

Moving back towards the whip reform, it is for sure that this move and change is very much needed beyond Australia, but in all neighbouring regions that also participate heavily in the sport.

These areas such as Britain, France, German and Ireland have partaken in the sport very heavily for many centuries, they too have implemented restrictions to whip use, however none have actually been as strict as the new regime in place for 2021.

Many do hope to abolish the use of the whip altogether, yet as we all know, these changes do take considerable time to go into effect.

Reaction To Rule Changes

For the next coming months Racing Victoria will be negotiating and consulting new changes with all key shareholders of the sporting groups, to ensure everything comes to an understanding and agreement.

Some have commented in their disappointment of the changes to follow, such as the CEO of the Australian Jockeys Association, Martin Talty. He has said that there were no discussions with him and his party by Racing Victoria, prior to decisions actually being announced this past week.

This topic brings across sensitive information that cannot be just decided unanimously. It needs joint understanding and agreement, Talty stated.

Talty also mentioned how the timing came just before the Melbourne Cups, which is far too quick a decision to actually implement a huge change to the game execution and style itself. Before it was announced to the media, Racing Victoria should have made sure that parties were able to address changes in optimal capacities. Now with the media involved, it is practically impossible to debate changes otherwise.

This change although very much final is still in debate, not only internally, but across all social media platforms. It is clear that animal rights activists are still very much wishing for further implementations and abolishment of the whips to be implemented, where other parties are not happy at all by these changes.