Devon Loch 1956 Grand National

Devon Loch may just about be the unluckiest horse in a Grand National race. Leading the race and just 45 metres from the winning post, Devon Loch suddenly appeared to jump in the air and do the splits! It’s incredible to watch and to this day no one really knows what caused the horse to react this way.

The jockey on the horse was Dick Francis (now a famous author) and the horse’s owner was the Queen Mother. One theory suggests a plausible cause of the incident.

As the owner of Devon Loch was the hugely popular Queen Mother it’s suggested that the crowd cheered so loudly when they saw it was in the lead that the actual noise from the crowd was so great it startled the horse and caused it to jump in the air!

The horse was then unable to gain it’s balance.

The Queen Mother was at the race course and watched as her horse handed the race to ESB, she reportedly said of the incident afterwards “Oh that’s racing”.